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Activities of Ma

Guidelines for Ma Members

  • Members of Ma will try their best to eradicate the differences and barriers of caste, creed, community and language.
  • Members will be alert and at the slight indication of clashes of any difference, they will plunge into action to put it off at the slightest trace of agitation itself. 
  • Members will work to bring people of various languages and of caste together.
  • Members will encourage people from other communities to erect wishing banners on the processions of other community people. And set up water booths for the people who were taking part in the possession. 
  • Members will send warm wishes and distribute sweets on the occasion of the other community’s festive occasions. 
  • By drawing images of Godof all religions, member will ensure the communal unity of their neighbourhood.
  • They will do good gestures for people of other sects and encourage them to do the same. 
  • Members will inform concerned beneficiaries, about donors for blood donation.
  • Members will identify people who work towards the unity of people of various castes, creed, language and community and award them Ma Rathinam for their service to community. 
  • Members will display placards that carries the quotes of unity which would spread the message to the common public. 
  • Members will encourage people to partake and offer support in the good and bad events of other people and they will encourage people to help the poor (like students and elderly) of other communities too.
  • Members will conduct oratory, drawing and essay writing competitions for students on Ma ideology. Guidelines to conduct such events are given in this book. 
  • Members will motivate and bring people into action and keep clean the places of worship of other religions. They will also ensure such deeds were carried out especially during their festive time. 
  • Members will prompt people to allocate welfare funds to other communities too and also organize communal feasts. 
  • Members will propagate the Thirukural’s sayings on love and inspire people to follow those kurals.
  • Members will gather the good thoughts of all religions and spread them across the society like the fragrance of a flower.
  • There are many people who lecture on the greatness of the other religions which they don’t belong. Roping in such people, members will organize discourses to let people know of the greatness of other religions too. For instance the good values of Hinduism will be discoursed by Muslims and Christians and vice versa. 
  • The people whose mother tongue is different to others will try hard to speak the language of majority.  Members will help them to get proficiency of language and speak to them in common places and in turn learn from the minority members as well thus establishing a mutual interest and bond amongst themselves. 
  • In every village or town, members will work towards preventing conflict and promote the unity and peace by carrying out the action plan of Ma without fail. 
  • In acknowledgement of the greatness of leaders of nation and religion, statues are erected honouring their service to the society.  This indeed is a traditional welcoming gesture but in case of any untoward incident like the defacement of the statue by anti-social elements, then the blame is immediately shoved on the members of other sects. Hence there must be a system wherein members of all communities show respect to the sentiments of others, in an effort to maintain peaceful relations. In order to realize ideal communal harmony this action plan should be entrusted.

Any news that depicts harmony, compassion and humanity should be taken to common public through media and print.

Good deeds need advertisement

It is commonly known of religion clashes even a meagre one finds its enormous form through the passage of word of mouth and makes a vast damage of all kinds to the society. At the same time there are lot many people who work silently for the welfare of other religion. Their actions were not advertised. Instances, which depict humanity, should be thrown to the awareness of common public though media to create a conflict free society.

  • Members of Ma will create awareness and teach people to examine the facts before getting into action.  Simple rumours through word of mouth could create great harm. They will also propagate the virtues of tolerance, patience with perseverance.  
  • The members of Ma will take this ideology to school and college students.  For the mind of the young are like wet cement on which lasting impressions can be made.  Members will seek to leave the impressions of love, compassion and peace in the young minds.

In Rome be a Roman
When people from native regions shift to an alien speaking area they would often feel some awkwardness in getting to know the new people. There could also lead to misunderstandings, and later result in being alienated by the locals. Ma plays a vital role here by advising such people to first learn to speak the language spoken by the people of that place. This will definitely help to develop good will among your neighbours. Also do not fraternize or take sides with members of your own community too much in public and never speak ill of another community in public.

Imagination is boundless
The action plans listed above is just a guideline to the members. There are numerous similar actions that can be left to the imagination and creativity of the members, keeping in mind the essence and goal of Ma.  Successes brought about through the implementation of any innovative action can be shared with the other Ma organizations through head quarters.

Ideal mother
So are there any exceptional mothers to our society who are role model to Ma members?  Well, history has seen some great examples of such love and compassion.  One such icon is Mother Teresa.  She rendered herself to the service of God and humanity.  To pursue her mission she remained a nun for her lifetime, but she is indeed a Mother to the universe and every human on earth is her child.  Members of Ma should work in a committed way to attain such motherliness as hers in whatever way they can. 
Even our Father of Nation Mahatma Gandhi possessed such motherliness and our ex President of India Dr. A.B.J. Abdul Kalam exhibited the fine qualities when he spent time to converse and be in the company of children, again because he possessed the heart and ambitions of mother who teaches her children everything they will need to know on their journey to a successful life. 
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