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Most Important Cause - Adaptation

Global Warming
Threekinds of Responses
A question is frequently put to us. Why should ExNoRa take these efforts, if Global Warming is certain and so serious? After all it is a problem that to be solved by all the Countries particularly highly polluting Nations. There are three opinions in respect of facing the challenge of Global Warming.

The Three Opinions Elimination, Mitigation or Adaptation

1.Elimination of Global Warming: Unfortunately those who believe that “elimination of Global warming is possible” are quite meagre, must be 0.1%.

2. Mitigation: It is those have confidence that the impact of Global Warming can be made less intense and severe. As per WikipediA Mitigation of global warming involves taking actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to enhance sinks aimed at reducing the extent of global warming.

The takers for Mitigation as a viable option also come under a minority. In 1990s, it was believed that Global Warming can be reversed. In the year 2000, it was believed that it can be arrested stopping its further increase. Now the belief of those who belong to Mitigation category is that the growth of Global Warming particularly its pace of growth can be slowed down. But ExNoRa believes that Mitigation is possible out of its experience and seeing the people’s response after they became aware. If ExNoRa ideas spread among people and the majority of people become aware, mitigation is quite possible.

Why Mitigation is increasingly becoming impossible? We need to do many things to arrest Global Warming, which we are not doing although we can do them. At the same time we should not do many things, which we are doing although we can certainly avoid doing them. Both ways we are wrong.

3. Adaptation: Global Warming is certain and is already happening and will be very severe and the only option now available for people is ADAPTATION. That is to adjust to new conditions arising on account of Global Warming. When the consequences of Global Warming are extreme, ADAPTATION will include utmost learning to stay alive and survive. As per WikipediA, adaptation to global warminginvolves taking action to minimize the effects of global warming.Adaptation to global warming consists of initiatives and measures to reduce the vulnerability of natural and human systems against actual or expectedclimate change effects. Vast majority subscribe to ADAPTATION as the only way to respond to Global Warming.

While Elimination (?) and Mitigation have to be   tackled globally, Adaptation is essentially an important local action. To visualize, think of   Tsunami which attacked many Indian Ocean Nations on December 26 2004, and how humanity rose extending its helping hand.  

Within the subject, ADAPTATION, there are three kinds  

Global Warming & Adaptation  

1. Day to Day Life - Adaptation 

2. Before any possible Disaster (Disaster Preparedness )  

3. After a Disaster (Relief Operations) 

It is important to know all the three options ,Elimination, Mitigation and Adaptation as well as the three kinds of Adaptation.  

Click The Three Options , Elimination , Mitigation or Adaptation  

Global Warming is resulting in catastrophic cyclones The experts assert ADAPTATION as important by citing Myanmar Cyclone, Nargis which took more than a lakh of lives and the deadliest and strongest Chinese Sichuan earthquake that took place for a few seconds at 14:28:01.42  on 12th May 2008 took nearly a lakh of lives besides making lakhs injured and 11 million people homeless. The experts including Al Gore attribute Global Warming as the cause for the deadliest Cyclone, Nargis.

The Tsunami lesson ExNoRan has been by and large an environmental revolution fully concentrating on all aspects of Waste Management. But Tsunami was an eye opener for ExNoRa. The organisation swung into action and extended its arms to the affected areas. It plunged itself into a major relief operation in many of the affected areas.

Safety Awareness & Disaster Preparedness Learn everything about SAFETY fromwww.safetyexnora.orgExNoRa knows very well that the problem cannot be solved by ExNoRa alone. But what ExNoRa does is to create successful and replicable models to involve people inMITIGATION . The second and still more important is ADAPTATION .The causes may be GLOBAL, but the consequences are certainly going to be LOCAL. We should prepare people to learn ADAPTATION, which is the need of the hour. It is learning to face disasters and be always in a state of preparedness. Here ExNoRa’s role is becoming increasingly significant. That is why ExNoRa has an exclusive satellite organisation, Safety ExNoRa. Please do visit www.safetyexnora.org which informs on all possible dangers within the four walls and outside of your home as well as avoiding exposure to threats and the survival tech niques. It is essential; you learn fromwww.safetyexnora.org and create awareness amongst people at least your circle of family, friends , relatives, colleagues and neighbours. ExNoRa understood that disaster prevention is not in its hands. Therefore, ExNoRa went a step further and created Disaster Preparedness ExNoRa. One thing is clear whatever is the right option, whether it is elimination, mitigation or adaptation, there is never before urgent need for humans to come together, learn and act. The natural calamities prove that we cannot take things easy. Henceforth whatever we do, we should do keeping in mind, the common threat of Global Warming.

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