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Cancers > Visual Pollution
Visual pollution is a kind of pollution, including advertisements, billboards, houses, automobiles, traffic signs, graffiti, buildings and weeds. For example a graffiti on an old structure can be thought as visual pollution. Visual pollution is the most irritating one among the others since it is able to be realized more easily. And it is also the more common.

Visual pollution is the term given to unattractive or unnatural (human-made) visual elements of a vista, a landscape, or any other thing that a person might not want to look at. Visual pollution is an aesthetic issue, referring to the impacts of pollution that impair one's ability to enjoy a vista or view. The term is used broadly to cover visibility, limits on the ability to view distant objects, as well as the more subjective issue of visual clutter, structures that intrude upon otherwise "pretty" scenes, as well as graffiti and other visual defacement. Visual pollution generally refers to those elements of the landscape or "townscape" that the community finds unattractive, including buildings, business signs, stoplights and street signs, telephone and utility poles, and weeds and litter. Visual pollution is when the landscapes are cluttered by advertising billboards, overhead power lines, telephone towers or street furniture.

Visual pollution is a tougher issue. Intense, brilliant colors and jarring color combinations are all the rage these days for clothing, packs and, to a lesser extent, tents. Brightly colored gear stands out boldly against the greens, browns and whites of the summer and winter wilderness. Some people argue that using flashy gear diminishes the feeling of solitude a wilderness should offer because other hikers and their camps stand out like searchlight beacons half a mile away. Others argue that bright clothing and tents could help rescuers trying to locate victims in an emergency, or, more selfishly, that vibrant colors make photographs look better.

Causes of Visual pollution

A lot of things may cause visual pollution. One of them is traffic jam which is too annoying for people. Although this image is a scene which you can frequently see almost everywhere, nobody want to see such scenes anywhere. It disturbs everyone at least as much as a graffiti an old structure.

Plants can be used for enfacement. It is often necessary to distract attention from an objectionable view by directing our attention toward a more favorable one. The ringmaster at the circus does this by spotlighting the ring he wants you to look at and dimming the lights on the other rings. Landscape architects do the same thing with plants. They select those that lead the eye toward the more pleasing view, and cover the objectionable one.

Other ways in which landscape architects make use of plants are as a unifying element and to provide scale and softness. These techniques are particularly useful in cities where many types of architecture compete for our attention. This vision of the future is motivate motivated by the increasing traffic congestion around our densely populated metropolitan areas. There is no need here to reference the numerous studies on traffic safety and pollution carried out by governmental agencies over the years or to bring forward accident, carbon dioxide, and driver-stress figures. Everyone that has been in a large city in rush hour has most likely experienced how stressful it is to be locked in traffic, noticed the pollution in the air, considered how they could have been injured on the road, and wondered how much better their lives would be without traffic congestion.
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