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Know the Founder - Books written by him

  1. “Model Town”- on realizing Enviro -Friendly Model Town
  2. “Model Area”- on realizing Enviro -Friendly Model Area
  3. “Model Home”- on realising Enviro-friendly Model Home through Home composting, Home Farming / Sky Farming & Home Gardening Includes terrace farming of vegetables, fruits, medicinal plants & flowers- Home Gardening includes ornamental Gardening inside & outside the house with a home front garden on a part of the pavement on the road in front of the house
  4. “Civic Exnora Guidelines” – on How you bring the community together
  5. “Principled Simplicity” – a book on adopting simplicity and leading a simple life
  6. “5th Pillar”- on how to fight corruption
  7. “Corruption Prevention Made Easy”, -a book on corruption prevention, in Tamil
  8. “Neervalam” -on Water bodies protection & restoration- Rain Water Harvesting both domestic & community water bodies rain harvesting
  9. “Maghizhungal Maghizhiuiyungal” on All about Tree Planting in Tamil
  10. “PORKALATHAI NOKI INDIA” -India Towards Golden Age- through Rural Development
  11. ‘MA’ -a book on communal harmony through adopting motherliness
  12. “Marungal Mattrungal”-a book on communal Harmony & positive attitude , in Tamil
  13. “Illatchiya Ellimai”- a book on simple living, in Tamil
  14. “Sarvasakhthie” – a book on de addiction of alcoholics & women empowerment, in Tamil INDIVIDUAL DEVELOPMENT
  15. “Thadaikarkale Padikarkal “ – a book on positive attitude and how to convert hurdles as stepping stones, in Tamil
  16. “Sollungal Vellungal”- a book on positive & effective communication, in Tamil
  17. “Ayalnattu Anubhavangal” – a book on positive learning by his trips abroad, in Tamil
  18. Written a number of smaller books: Magic Wand, Auto Great, Teach Reach, Thennai Chennai.
  19. Veg-Edge, Voice Against Noise

AUTHOR of the following CDs

  1. ExNoRa Wonder World
  2. WATER- Water Available To Everyone Really
  3. 7th Sense
  4. Motiva"c"tion


  1. Relax (Tamil)
  2. Relax (English)
  3. Health (Tamil)
  4. 100% Health (English)
  5. Combined Study
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ExNoRa World


Service Opportunities

Our most successful “Cool the Globe Campaign”

Our present CRUSADE against,Global Warming

“To cure the illness of the planet , Environmental Degradation”

To Cure the illness of the Nation, Corruption

To Cure the illness of the Nation, Corruption

To Cure the illness of the Society, Communalism

To Cure the illness of the Family, Extravaganza

To Cure the illness of individuals (ailments and sickness)

An Association of media persons for Nation building & Nature Protecting

Make your home Clean , Green & Enviro-friendly

Home ExNoRa

Make your Flat Complex clean, green & enviro-friendly

Make your street clean, green & enviro-friendly

Make your OFFICE / INDUSTRY clean, green & enviro-friendly

Make your SCHOOL clean, green & enviro – friendly

Make your COLLEGE clean, green & enviro-friendly

Make your town / village clean, green & enviro-friendly

For preservation & maintenance of water bodies

Make TEMPLES clean, green & enviro-friendly

Make CHURCHES clean, green & enviro-friendly

Make MOSQUES clean, green & enviro-friendly

Exnora Environmental Certification Corporation

Exnora Universities

Exnora Environmental Education and Research Institute

To ensure safety

Use IT Medium, for propagation of the above messages

Prevent -Plastic Pollution Prevention P3 by M3

Easy Zero waste Management P2w2

Tree Tanic

Human Diamond Lathe : To reform the dropouts of the society

Friends Bank “ To develop a world of friends

To reduce use of paper

To develop Role Model Students “Student Resource Force”

To empower Women

To develop Role Model Youths “ Youth Resource Force”

Ngo Guardian

Helping Visually Handicapped

Exnora Nungambakkam

Bamboo Exnora

Herbal Exnora

Mosquito Musketeers

Student Resource Force

Digital Literacy Exnora

For individual development,

The Good news