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Ma Guidelines

Guidelines for Ma members

All the great religions preach the virtue of harmony, brotherhood and compassion.

- Mahatma Gandhi

Four factors are needed in fulfillment of a task.

  • Authority
  • Delegation of job
  • Guidance
  • Motivation.

Any task with these factors will be accomplished successfully with no doubt.

Action plan to unify people
Members of Ma could easily and effectively unite people through the following action plan;

  • They could start Civic Exnora in their street and make people self equipped to solve their cleanliness issues.
  • Likewise the people could also be motivated to join the Fifth Pillar to eradicate corruption.
  • The enemy of many a home, that is alcoholism, could be eradicated through the Sarvasakthi organization.

Choices of significance:
Voluminous amounts of money are spent on wars which could be redirected to social causes and make this world a better and safer place. Here are a few such worthy causes;

  • We could make safe drinking water available to all.
  • Food supplements could be distributed to the needy, and children.
  • Deepen tanks and all water storages.
  • Drainage can be laid.
  • Roads could be mended.
  • plants could be planted.
  • Schools could be constructed.
  • Poor children can be funded for their education.
  • Build health care clinics.
  • Provide shelter to orphans.
  • Welfare of the physically challenged could be taken care of.
  • Could aid mentally challenged people.
  • Could take good care of old people.
  • Stop child labour and help them to pursue their education.
  • Provide clothing to the needy.
  • Rivers could be connected.
  • Even a small spider has a home of its own; Beetle has a home of its own. Without a shelter there are numerous people live under open sky. Shelter for these needy could be constructed. Restore the dilapidated homes of the poor and needy.

The primary factor for these is that there should not be any wars. All the above could be easily executed if the funds for wars diverted to such social activities.


Happiness when shared will be doubled; sorrow when shared will be reduced to half. Be with others in their happiness and sorrow.

Significance of Ma in our times

Soil to soil

Today there are wars among nations, for the land, for acquiring land, but it has been ignored that if this situation continues on there would be no human race. The human race would be as quoted in bible soil to soil. If this environmental pollution is brushed aside then no one is going to live in this world. After the annihilation even a grass will not grow on this soil.

The challenges of the world are many; the only solution to these is Ma.

Say NO to bombs and YES to compassion ExNoRa
Apart from the causalities and destruction, there’s much more could be said on the damage caused in the process of making an atom bomb. The wastage in production of atomic energy even for a good purpose is hazardous. Even a minor fault in the production process could create mammoth reactions. Spending such volume for destruction and destroying is a criminal waste Where lies the difference?

Exnora has been found on the motive of uniting people force and working against the environmental pollution today. The following were some that has been often discussed in Exnora.

  • The underground drinking water pipeline takes water to every house. There is no such different pipeline for upper caste people or lower caste people.
  • The main line carries electricity and distributes power to every house through cables. There are no separate carriers for Muslims or Hindus or Christians to distribute power.
  • Politicians of different political parties reside in the same street. The sewage from their respective house drains into one main sewage line.
  • In streets, people live with varied beliefs on principles. Forward or orthodox their wastage goes into the same garbage container. There is no separate garbage container for varied belief people.
  • Polluted air invariably goes into lungs and affects everyone equally. For it finds no difference among the learned or ignorant.


Exnora has been found on the main mission of prevention of pollution in our earth. Surprisingly it has been benefited with the integration of language, religion and community.

It is quiet common sight to see religious interruptions in a particular area with another area were due to the problem of language. When Exnora has been formed in that area, in due course the interruption disappeared without even the knowledge of the people. The media appreciated this and gave wide coverage. The truth is that it was unplanned, unexerted but unexpectedly received a gift of this Harmony.
No human is naturally the enemy of another. But they all have many common enemies to challenge. Instead of augmenting hatred they could join hands and canalize their efforts to solve social problems.
The Ma members should start Civic Exnora in their street or in their residential area. Communal, religion, and see how language harmony will evolve automatically.

Will a hut be a barrier to the breezes tread?
Will a Moon light deny shining for poor? A wonderful old Tamil Song.

Program your mind
The human brain is like a computer. Like the computer the human mind is also programmed. There are many virus programs available for human beings which cause them to do grievous crimes and unhealthy actions. The best anti virus program is Ma. Ma is the only program that could be capable of changing brutal people to start donating blood rather than shedding some. Spread these good thoughts to all and program their mind for good actions alone.

Religion is meant not to divide human rather to unite them.

- Mahatma Gandhi


National integration an easy way
The residents belonging to varied castes, language, community, religion of a street, by joining Ma get integrated. When every street integrates the whole nation will be integrated.

Not a rebelling organization
Ma is not a rebellious organization. It is not an organization for protesting. For it treats problems with compassion. It is not an organization to set fire but rather to put off the fires that cause woe and destruction. If any one contests Ma, Ma will treat them with compassion.

Your fort is Ma

In creation the only object that could be called poor is man.

- Gen Welch Carvel

Everyday hundreds of people fall victims to violence in this world. So many lose their life and lot many lose their limbs. The police to some extent provide some protection, and it is highly impossible to post a police for every home. The only practical solution to ensure a peaceful world is the adoption of the motherliness of Ma.

Join change and create change.
Join Ma and change this world into a cultured, humanitarian world. Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Jains, Sikhs, men, women and young should join Ma.

Ma will be the humblest organization in this world. Although it bears a single syllable name, by size and achievement this will be a great organization.

Reaching out to the community
So many good suggestions have been provided in this book. Every one should know these; practice these and realize and share the benefits of these actions.

Here are some suggestions to reach out the community in large.

  • Everyone who reads this book must give it to someone and make him or her aware of these.
  • Share the thought of this book with others.
  • When you address a gathering often quote from this book and speak about the Ma organization and its values.
  • Hold a group discussion to discuss the thoughts of this book and create new thoughts on these lines.
  • Put forth the thoughts into actions.
  • Give out a short and effective speech in the school assembly.
  • Organize a teacher’s meet and explain to them the ideology of Ma. Distribute this book to them.
  • Motivate the teachers to quote and explain these thoughts to their students.
  • Finally forward and share your thoughts and results to Ma head quarters and members.


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