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Ma – The Concept
Ma, Maism & Maist - The concept

Man and Society- Diversified
The Sixth sense of the human species differentiates him from rest of the living beings. But humanity diversifies with Caste, Creed, Language, Color, Age, Sex, Food Habits, Culture, Status, Education, Experience and the likes. All these differences lead to conflict and segregation, which eventually ends in from braw to war. By the natural law of the Universe, No humans/products are identical. One might wonder then what would be common in humankind? What is that one aspect that binds them as an entity? Could that make all equal? How could one such thing be used to unite them? Can it invoke the message of love? Will not the love and compassion unite them? Could the unity be brought forth? Are all these things possible or would it just remain an idealistic dream?


Ma stands for mother . Mother is God present in human form. It is a beautiful quality, present in mothers .This is also present in many men and women ,old and young and even a child.

All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother” , said Abraham Lincoln.

Alphonese de Mamartime said  “The loss of a mother is always felt; even though her health may incapacitate her from taking any active part in the care of her family , still she is a sweet rallying-point, around which affection and obedience and a thousand endeavours to please, concentrate ; and dreary is the blank when such a point is withdrawn”

When it is possible   by a human species called mothers  or Ma in short form , how it cannot be possible for others to emulate .

Mother stands for Love. She is usually characterized as one who possesses Compassion, Patience, Kindness, Passionate, Magnanimous and as Genuinely Solicitous.

Motherliness is inclined to the natural tendency of sacrifice. So many families achieved great heights, leaning on this sacrifice. She has the vigor to make the impossible possible without a trace of acknowledgement for the accomplishment. She faces every hurdle with spirit of dignity. And although she bears her child in her womb for ten months, she bears the family till the end.

Look around us and we can see innumerable examples of the incomparable selfless manifestations of motherhood. When a child refuses to take medicine, the mother takes a part of her kid’s medicine to let the child know its okay.

All her waking hours and even in her sleep she is constantly awake to the needs, care and safety of her child.

She cooks the food with care and affection and ensures every member of the family has enough. If less, then she would happily and quietly, forgo her share.

These are common scenes in our own homes, then why can’t we see the same selflessness and concern in our neighborhoods, in our country and across Nations.

We find several quotes on Motherliness in all languages.

  1. God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers.
  2. There is no mother like your own mother.
  3. Mother Nature, time and patience are the three best doctors.

An ounce of mother is worth a ton of priest.  


‘Ma’ ism

There are wonderful  role models for those who want to embrace kindness. There are  great examples in Mahatma Gandhi  and  Mother Teresa for humanity to  emulate and to be always humanitarian.   We need simpler versions of the great leaders  always available with easy accessibility.

We have such  models everywhere, in your home or your neighbour’s home. That is Mother who is embodiment of love , kindness and compassion to her children. That quality of Mother has been now conceptualised as Maism so that it is easy to denote , define , describe and emulate. When a person says that his ideology is maism, he makes others understand that  he will be kind to others , like a mother to a child. If more people accept maism, there will be love and kindness everywhere flowing from all directions.



Maist is the one who subscribes to Maism. The one practises  Maism is  a  Maist Something strange of Ma , Motherliness or Maism is that it is not only Mother has this quality nor maism is her exclusive property.   Father ,  brother,   sister, grand mother, grand father, relatives, friends, neighbours and even strangers have it. A man, sick on a bed, witnesses mother’s kindness shown even by his children. You can see people showering love and kindness that of a mother  to a stranger injured  in a road  an accident and doing their best to save his life. If all of us, all the time, with all the people in all the places feel and exhibit Motherliness, what a great difference  would it make . A famous quote “God could not be  there everywhere,  and therefore he  made Mothers”  .


Among people of different Nations, Religion, Language, etc., this New world would have a unique aspect in common, which is ‘Motherliness’ and could be defined as ‘Good by will and deed’.
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