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Ma Inauguration

How Ma was started?

The day, 29.5.2003 will be part of the history of the world with regard to communal harmony . Why?

Ma is already proving to be a successful concept. The concept was first introduced and the movement was launched in Nagapattinam on 29th May 2003, Tamilnadu, 19 months  before Tsunami hit Nagapattinam on the 26th December 2009.  It was inaugurated by Tamil readers’  hero and a wonderful thinker and writer  Mr. Ka. Vi. Ko Abdul Rahaman   along with Rev. Father Arul Irudhayam Adikalar, the then Chief  of Shrine Vellankani Church (which is always open for not only Christians but people of all religions ) , Dr.Ari Oli a great thinker and speaker on Hinduism  and Mr. Sudeep Jain IAS Collector of Nagai District, a straight forward,  patriotic and nature loving officer  (Islam, Christianity , Hindu and Jain religions were represented on the dias) . The Founder and Author  of  Ma, ExNoRa and 5th Pillar , I gave the Key note address . I believe  the great Tamil saying, “Emmadhamum Sammadham’” . (All religions are acceptable). 

  1. Nagai is a sacred place for people three faiths Hindus, Muslims and Christians.
  2. Nagai people are National Role Models in respect communal Harmony.
  3. Three thousand Hindus, Muslims and Christians gathered and went on a procession.
  4. They stopped the places of worship of Hindus, Muslims, Christians and sang songs of all religions and did all religious prayers.
  5. When they stood before a church, those who were praying inside came out running and joined the prayer.
  6. Ka.vi.ko.Abdul Rahaman himself a model for communal harmony. His mother tongue is Urdu. But his Tamil is beautiful! and he  himself stands as a shining example of Communal Harmony.
  7. There is something strange happened in a mammoth public meeting in which 5000 people participated late in the evening . Speakers belonged to various faiths spoke. They did not brag about their religion. Instead spoke about the greatness in other religions.
  8. In my speech I said that we cannot afford to fight anymore as we have global common enemies like Climate Change and Ozone depletion to local dangers like cyclones, flooding and mosquito. The coincidence was tsunami struck Nagai one and half years later  on a Sunday ,26th December 2004. The nature in its anger did not discriminate people of various faiths and treated them alike. Yes we have learnt a lesson for the need to be united to fight common enemies including Global Warming.
  9. Now there is a never before need for communal harmony particularly in the context of Climate Change more particularly from the view point of view of people learning ‘Adaptation’ in order to survive natural calamities. (See chapter on Adaptation).

Book Written & Released by M.B Nirmal on “Ma”

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