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Ma - Roles

All in Ma, and Ma in All
The name of the organization is Ma, the ideology is Ma, thoughts are Ma, actions are Ma, the name of the members too is Ma.

All are Ma
Male, female, young, old, and children too, if they would attain the motherliness of Ma then that place would be a secure spot on our planet. One simple aspect, that could be comprehended by all, and that could be apt to all is the Motherliness of Ma. Everyone on earth should possess this Motherliness of Ma, and strive to possess this Motherliness of Ma, that is the Mission & Vision statement of Ma. This mission has to be taken to the people through the action plan. They will in their thought, action and words be a Ma and fulfill this noble mission

Ma Day
Ma day has to be observed. Mother’s day is Ma day. Mother’s day falls on the second Sunday of every May. On this Ma day the members should seek the blessing of their mother, they could observe this day as Integration day as Caste and Religion. They could use the celebration of this day to propagate the message of Ma to the public.

Who could start Ma?
You may have begun to wonder who could start Ma. Kindly read this story to get your answer

Once there lived a King. One day He constructed a big storage tank and ordered his citizens to contribute one liter of milk for a Yagna. The kind watched from his balcony to see how people are responding to his orders, and much to his delight everyone queued to pour their share. The very next day when he opens the storage container for Yagna he was taken aback. Every citizen thinking that “All are going to pour milk, the king will not know by any chance if I pour water, why should I lose my milk!” unanimously poured water in the storage tank. Why should I bother about the problem others will deal with that. Don’t leave things so, the other too will think like you.
“Every good action starts from me”
Keep this in your mind and start doing acting rather than merely reacting to the bad around us.
A saying of Martin Luther King would be apt to quote here;
“All the wrongdoing around us is not by the sin of vice but due to the silence of virtues”.

Women role in Ma
The whole ideology of Ma has been borrowed from women. They are known for their gentleness and especially, the virtue of motherliness, which is known for its magnanimity. A scholar rightly says “Do you want to change the world? Do you want the world to be righteous? Join the mothers of the world and form an organization of mothers; then the whole world would possess motherliness.” So women should play a lead role in this organization. Reaching beyond, by bringing all the people, male, female, young, old, children and whoever possess motherliness should be brought under Ma.

The limit of the peak is its summit.
The limit of the nations is its citizens.

- Jose Marti

How could motherliness be spread? The answer is simple; the mother should spread the noblest motherliness among men and children. As a first step towards this goal the women of our nation crossing all barriers of caste, creed, and language should join hands and unanimously declare that
“we are compassionate and we possess motherliness as our common tool to change this world and make it a better place”.
If they start working with this as their motto, the world will become a heaven. It has to be started from their homes.

When we address the earth we call her as Mother earth, we address our country as motherland, we call our language as mother tongue and the primary component of our computers as a motherboard which simply tells us of the significance and importance of the things we associate with the precious word Mother.

Thus it is a call unto the women of the universe join hands to change this world. It is the duty of mothers to stop or wipe out the tears of mothers like themselves. And we are certain of the innate and indomitable strength of a mother.

Ma by Motherliness
Anyone no matter what age, gender, caste, religion or any other sect you

If the citizens are rational, the kings will not indulge in the sports of war.

– William Cooper

belong, can start Ma. All you need to have is the sense of purpose to do all it takes to embrace the virtue of motherliness and achieve its goals of a better world.


Students and youth role

Ma school/college division
Students and youth should play an active part in Ma. Ma has to be started in schools and colleges. The rulers of the future should start their duty right now to have a better tomorrow.

Ma factories/ organization division
Ma has to be started in factories and organization where people of varied language, religion and caste work together.
These act as the root division to the regional branch of Ma.

Topmost agenda

  • The women victims of communal and religious clashes should join Ma.
  • As a next step they should try their best to bring in their family into Ma.
  • The women who reside as neighbours in the same street could join and form Ma.
  • The women of the city should join Ma
  • The members should visit schools and colleges to bring young students into Ma. If motherliness flourishes in the young hearts it will help them to create a better world.
If everyone joins Ma there would be no room for differences, Conflict, Vengeance, Clashes, and Violence.
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It is incredible !
We Can do it !!

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