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Mrs. Parasakthi   Mukundan & Mr Mukundan of Hedron Systems for wonderful translation of the Tamil Ma book written by Mr. M. B Nirmal.


Miss. Nirupama Raghavan of  Shikshayatan Middle School,  Arasavangadu, Tiruvarur District    for translating Mr. Nirmal’s Tamil book,  Marrungal Mattrungal

 (“Change yourself & Change the World” ) in English.


 Mr.Sudhakar of FFMedias for excellence and professionalism in designing and the creation of the Ma Website.


Mr.Achuth Ajit 3rd year BA English Literature (2009 batch),, Loyola college for creating the impressive collage collection of impactful pictures.


Miss.Venisha Shetty for content editing.           


Mr.M.B.Nirmal for innovating the revolutionary ideology of Ma , its  content writing, founding Ma the organisation , creating Maism & Maist .


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ExNoRa World


Service Opportunities

Our most successful “Cool the Globe Campaign”

Our present CRUSADE against,Global Warming

“To cure the illness of the planet , Environmental Degradation”

To Cure the illness of the Nation, Corruption

To Cure the illness of the Nation, Corruption

To Cure the illness of the Society, Communalism

To Cure the illness of the Family, Extravaganza

To Cure the illness of individuals (ailments and sickness)

An Association of media persons for Nation building & Nature Protecting

Make your home Clean , Green & Enviro-friendly

Home ExNoRa

Make your Flat Complex clean, green & enviro-friendly

Make your street clean, green & enviro-friendly

Make your OFFICE / INDUSTRY clean, green & enviro-friendly

Make your SCHOOL clean, green & enviro – friendly

Make your COLLEGE clean, green & enviro-friendly

Make your town / village clean, green & enviro-friendly

For preservation & maintenance of water bodies

Make TEMPLES clean, green & enviro-friendly

Make CHURCHES clean, green & enviro-friendly

Make MOSQUES clean, green & enviro-friendly

Exnora Environmental Certification Corporation

Exnora Universities

Exnora Environmental Education and Research Institute

To ensure safety

Use IT Medium, for propagation of the above messages

Prevent -Plastic Pollution Prevention P3 by M3

Easy Zero waste Management P2w2

Tree Tanic

Human Diamond Lathe : To reform the dropouts of the society

Friends Bank “ To develop a world of friends

To reduce use of paper

To develop Role Model Students “Student Resource Force”

To empower Women

To develop Role Model Youths “ Youth Resource Force”

Ngo Guardian

Helping Visually Handicapped

Exnora Nungambakkam

Bamboo Exnora

Herbal Exnora

Mosquito Musketeers

Student Resource Force

Digital Literacy Exnora

For individual development,

The Good news