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Threats of our society
The 21st century we live in today has innumerable threats which we face to our lives and our future. Here’s a list of some of the common ones;
  • Population explosion- resulting in the Scarcity of food, clothing and shelter, Unemployment and under employment.

  • Crimes and accidents- Theft, murder and rape are increasing drastically.

  • Violence and war- due to clashes on language, religion and caste has evolved into wars. Examples abound- Rwanda, Georgia and closer home we have the orrissa killings, godhra violence and many such more.

  • Violence and Vice: corruption, discrimination and violence to Women and children; are on a steep incline, drug abuse and unhealthy lifestyles.

  • New and deadly disease with new viruses reaching into the most vulnerable sections of our populace causing high morbidity and mortality.

  • Pollution and the dire threat of Global Warming- water shortage, garbage, air pollution, toxic leaks and spills, acid rain, plastic menace, depletion of natural and mineral resources,  disappearing rainforest cover, ozone depletion, melting ice caps, sea and soil warming, drought, lung and skin cancers and a plethora of related drastic consequences.

  • Nuclear advancement- boon or bane? The radiation created by atom bomb testing disturbs ecology.  Numerous underwater living being were destroyed.

The common enemies of our society

It is not only one sect being enemy to other sects; instead everyone has one common enemy at present, and that is environmental pollution.

Sadly it is even more pronounced in the already struggling underdeveloped countries, where people fall prey, not just to religion or communal riots but to infections and morbid diseases like malaria, T.B, cholera and others.

Environmental pollution ranks a close second to such fatal threats and can also be attributed in some way to be the cause of many such diseases.

It is thus imperative that people throw aside their enmity towards each other and rather join hands forgoing differences to fight these common deadlier enemies.  In India in spite of varied castes, religion and language, we have witnessed unity in our fight for freedom. Then, why not now ??

These common enemies and threats have been listed in this book and the corrective actions have been listed too.  The readers of this book must join hands; time is running out and we have to keep pace. This is our only chance and we must resolve to positive action, before it is too late. Most importantly, this is only possible, if we do it TOGETHER AS ONE.

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Our most successful “Cool the Globe Campaign”

Our present CRUSADE against,Global Warming

“To cure the illness of the planet , Environmental Degradation”

To Cure the illness of the Nation, Corruption

To Cure the illness of the Nation, Corruption

To Cure the illness of the Society, Communalism

To Cure the illness of the Family, Extravaganza

To Cure the illness of individuals (ailments and sickness)

An Association of media persons for Nation building & Nature Protecting

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Make your SCHOOL clean, green & enviro – friendly

Make your COLLEGE clean, green & enviro-friendly

Make your town / village clean, green & enviro-friendly

For preservation & maintenance of water bodies

Make TEMPLES clean, green & enviro-friendly

Make CHURCHES clean, green & enviro-friendly

Make MOSQUES clean, green & enviro-friendly

Exnora Environmental Certification Corporation

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Exnora Environmental Education and Research Institute

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Prevent -Plastic Pollution Prevention P3 by M3

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Human Diamond Lathe : To reform the dropouts of the society

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