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Your duty for a
Beautiful Earth
"We the Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains & Muslims release these pigeons symbolizing peace and harmony. We request you to stand up for total freedom from the deadly evil of Communalism.
Humanity faces several problems global and local, from the drastic consequences of climate change, natural calamities and environmental pollution to poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, water and food scarcity,price rise, dreaded diseases and many other deadly threats. Adding to this woe are the unnecessary fights that we carry on between ourselves in the name of caste, colour, religion, region, language and race.
We cannot remain divided anymore!
Let us not fight amongst ourselves, lest we lose our focus, our peace and our lives. Let us together create a caring and sharing community. We have joined hands and vow to work for our collective mission and common cause and fight against the COMMON ENEMIES of the human kind".
What about you?
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The most classic pictures and something great that you would have never seen ..
The shocking  still pictures here are taken by Mr Shaju John of the Chennai at Perungudi dump yard. Everyday 2000 tonnes of garbage is dumped here. The sad story is nearly 1000 rag pickers from the age of 5 to 80 work here (self employed) on the dirtiest filth breathing methane . The Flash is that of a girl child  aged about 3 at the Perungudi garbage dump site.

Picture 1. Girl-child using a garbage  bag as pillow and relaxing
Picture 2. She looks at you
Picture 3. She becomes  anxious  seeing her rag picker- father
Picture 4. The child’s face become 5000 watts bulb when lifted by her father
Picture 5. Her face becomes 10000 watts bulb reaching the shoulder of her father .

Messages are many. Love is superior to money. Father too has motherliness

Become a ‘Ma’ist & Create a World of LOVE
Photo by Shaju John
When we think of pure and unconditional love, there is nothing greater than mother’s love which is beautifully pictured by the famous photographer Shaju John. Mother is called as “Ma” . That is why our organization's name is also “Ma” . Strangely every human being, male or female , young or adult is a Ma at one time or the other.
Do you want to spread the fragrance of Communal Harmony and unite people? What all you need to do is DOWN LOAD the following power point presentation and copy it on a CD or Pen Drive. You can make presentation
Ma Power Point
(Click) Download ,
copy on a CD /Pen drive,
Communal Harmony
Become today a
and make the world
a Heaven of Peace & Harmony

A message that will touch you


Below are the pictures showing the




As you scroll down;

You will witness the frightening challenges that we face everyday.

This prepares you to collectively take a stand and fight them.

Let all of humanity pay attention.

Please take a couple of seconds to see each picture as it unfolds a true story of the threats to our survival and that of our dear ones.

These startling pictures will shed new light and meaning to your LIFE”


The Earth is becoming more earthquake prone every day. A 10 second earthquake can kill thousands of people.
Natural Disasters:
Some dangers are inevitable…
A major earthquake can cause a Tsunami. Such a natural phenomenon has no discrimination – It kills people of all religions,races,castes,colours or languages destroying millions in a few minutes.
The number of hurricanes that reach categories 4 & 5 which are the most powerful and deadly has doubled over the past 35 years due to sea warming.
Due to Climate Change,  the Arctic will become ICE-FREE by 2012 AD & the Antarctic will collapse by 2018 and the sea level will by 35 feet and many coastal towns and villages will disappear and go beneath the seas
Volcanoes release green house gases, a heavy ash fall, destroy buildings, cover fields and sometimes take lives. Winds carrying it can reach up to 22,000 square miles.

Natural and Man-Made Dangers

Some dangers were accelerated by our actions…

Mosquitoes kill humans 25 times more than humans killing humans. Malaria causes more deaths than all the wars & civil wars.
Diseases are working overtime and new types of diseases are born
Every year, one river dies.
Deserts grow by 100 square kilo meters every year.
Our planet is losing 3 species per day due to humans moving to their space.
Each year, man made and nature made fires burn millions of hectares of forests worldwide.
Acid Rains destroy plants & animals in streams , damages forests & erode buildings.
Farm lands are shrinking & population is bulging. Sea warming reduces fish population & soil warming reduces agricultural productivity. The Result - price rise.
Man-Made Tragedies
Some dangers could have been prevented…
& should be prevented
Every 5 second a child dies, not by consuming poison but water. Polluted water is more dangerous than any human being of a different race, religion, language or caste.
Liquor kills the consumer , ruins his family and wrecks the economy.
Lung damage from air pollution is a risk faced by 1 out of 5 humans.
Every minute 200 trees are felled.
As these images depict, clearly we have so many dangers that we need to fight…
There are so many causes that need us to stand as one…
Then why do these self made perils of war & religious extremism exist??
We have head reeling & mind boggling problems as shown above , most of which we have no control. Can we at least STOP the following ?.
Through Ma , stop wars and extremism
We have so many dangers mentioned above that we need to fight…
There are so many causes that need us to stand as one…
Then why are we doing the following, war & religious extremism?? Can’t we stop them which is within our discretion?...
WAR causes deaths , destruction of property , loss of natural resources and air/ water/ soil pollutions. One year's Industrial pollution is caused by a one day WAR.

We have such shocking problems as shown above, most of which we have no control. Can we at least STOP the disasterous perils of War,Racism & Communalism ?
Know More Threats
What we should? See what very large hearted men & women have dome below for RELIGIOUS HARMONY & RACIAL HARMONY & the beautiful QUOTES?


Ma,  "Ma’ism" & "Ma’ist"

Practise “Ma”

Adopt “Ma’ism”

Become a “Ma’ist”


Introducing the principle, concept & ideology


Humans in general identify themselves with any of the numerous ‘isms’ prevailing. No doubt each ‘ism’ carries an ideology or message for the betterment of humankind. But unfortunately the moment people accept one ‘ism’ , they develop difference of opinion with those, having another or opposite ‘ism’. The ‘ill-will’ may manifest itself into hate and dislike and may lead to, from verbal attacks to fights, attacks and wars. Now there is a very urgent need of an ‘ism’ to unite people which will make them not to dislike others wedded to another ‘ism’. On the contrary it will make them to develop kindness and love with people having different ideology or faith. It is one exclusively unique concept which has the power to unite people and it is Ma or "Ma’ism". What is "Ma’ism"?. Those who accept "Ma’ism", a word and concept for unlimited and unconditional love, become “Ma’ist”.


Ma stands for mother. Mother is God present in human form. Motherliness is a beautiful quality practiced by mothers. This is also seen in many men and women, old and young and even a child. “All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother”, said Abraham Lincoln. Alphonese de Mamartime said “The loss of a mother is always felt; even though her health may incapacitate her from taking any active part in the care of her family , still she is a sweet rallying-point, around which affection and obedience and a thousand endeavours to please, concentrate; and dreary is the blank when such a point is withdrawn”
When it is possible by a human species called mothers or Ma in short form , how it cannot be possible for others to emulate .

“Ma’ ism”

There are wonderful role models for those who want to embrace kindness. There are great examples in Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Teresa for humanity to emulate and to be always humanitarian. We need simpler versions of the great leaders always available with easy accessibility.
We have such models everywhere, in your home or your neighbour’s home. That is Mother who is indeed always an embodiment of love, kindness and compassion to her children. That quality of Mother has been now conceptualised as “Ma’ism” so that it is easy to refer , define , describe and emulate. When a person says that his ideology is “Ma’ism”, he makes others understand that he will be kind to others, like a mother to a child. If more people accept “Ma’ism”, there will be love and kindness everywhere in the planet flowing from all directions


“Ma’ist” is the one who subscribes to "Ma’ism". The one who practises Maism is a "Ma'ist" Something strange of Ma , Motherliness or "Ma’ism" is that it is not only Mother has this quality nor "ma’ism" is her exclusive property. Father, brother, sister, grand mother, grand father, relatives, friends, neighbours and even strangers have it. A man, sick on a bed, witnesses mother’s kindness shown even by his children. You can see people showering love and kindness that of a mother to a stranger injured in a road an accident and doing their best to save his life. If all of us, all the time, with all the people in all the places feel and exhibit Motherliness, what a great difference would it make. A famous quote “God could not be there everywhere, and therefore he made Mothers”.

Comprehend! Change! Come let’s make the change! Let us form A Real New world! With this as our motive, let’s get into action to make a Better New World for our future generation. Let us assume the role of mother when we deal with others .Let us adopt "Ma’ism", create a caring and sharing community and world of love and compassion. Ma has an Organisation will do everything to promote motherliness in every human being.
Become a Ma today. Declare to yourself and your circle of friends and relatives that you embraced Ma and you will follow ma’ism as you a "ma’ist".

Those who join / start a "Ma" chapter before 30th June 2009 will be recognized as part of
"MA Cofounding Team"
Here are the
to the
It is incredible !
We Can do it !!

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